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The Maqdala treasures and the Sarr-Savoy report on repatriation

March 22, 2019

 Crown_probably_made_in_Gondar_Ethiopia_around_1740_Victoria_and_Albert_Museum_London.jpgTiffany Jenkins talks to the director of the V&A in London, Tristram Hunt, about who owns culture, and what to do with looted objects. They take a close look at a stunning gold crown, seized by the British Army during the 1868 Abyssinian Expedition (modern day Ethiopia), and discuss President Macron’s commissioned Sarr-Savoy report on returning African artefacts acquired in the colonial era.  

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Find out more about the Maqdala treasures, on the V&A blog: 

Find out about AFROMET - The Association for the Return of The Maqdala Ethiopian Treasures. 

Read the Sarr-Savoy Report ‘The Restitution of African Cultural Heritage, Toward a New Relational Ethics’: 


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